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7 Ways We Grow (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 27

There are many misunderstandings and misconceptions that keep people from growing in spiritual maturity of Jesus Christ. Here are seven ways you may not have considered that can grow you spiritually.

There are many things that we can grow in. We all exert ourselves in one way or another to become better at something: careers, parenting, marriages, sports, music, instruments, video games, fitness, dieting, theology, bible study, friendships, bank accounts, and more!

The question we must ask ourselves is, "What am I growing in?" We want to be sure we're growing in what matters most - into the likeness and image of Jesus Christ by our character and nature.

If becoming like Jesus Christ is our bullseye to growing, then we need to know "HOW" we can grow.

Here is the first of seven ways we can grow to become more like Jesus that you may or may not have considered . . . .

Way 1 - GOSPEL



Growing starts with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we don’t know what the gospel is and is not, then we have zero chance at growing spiritually. The gospel is the beginning, center, middle, end, top, bottom, and everything to growing in Christlikeness. The gospel is the ocean the Christian resides, rests, rehearses, and exercises in to grow. It’s the means upon which all growth is built upon. In fact, it’s the very air the Christian breaths to draw any strength for exertion in perseverance to become more like Christ.

The Gospel is everything. If you want to grow, then you need to know the gospel of Jesus of Christ. Not just know about it but know it in a relational way.

Know it in a way that is heartfelt not head thought. In such a way that it causes your heart to ache, throb, and jump for joy – maybe all at the same time!

So, the question remains, what is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Here it is:

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is that God sent his one and only son to humble himself by taking on human form. He submitted himself to the Father’s will in perfect obedience and self-restriction of his supernatural power. Despite humanity’s disobedience, sin, and depravity, God the Son came and dwelled amongst them. He did the unthinkable and sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity to be drawn near to God. Finally, through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, burial, and resurrection, he removed the separation sin had brought humanity at the fall so they could, like never before, experience the presence of God forevermore. This made possible the Holy Spirit’s indwelling the believer at the moment of salvation to experience the presence of God within us. ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.’”[1]

So how do we reside, rest, and rehearse in the gospel? How do we swim in the ocean of the gospel in our everyday lives? Wait and see! Look for the next blog and we'll answer these questions. Subscribe here for the next post:

[1] Galatians 2:20



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Adam Erlichman

Executive Director of Build Groups in North Dallas, TX. Former Life Groups/Discipleship Pastor at Midway Church. Author of the newly released short reads series for Everyday Christians How We Grow. Now available for purchase on Amazon.

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