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Do you have enough ministry volunteers and leaders?

Do you struggle to recruit and retain volunteers and leaders in your church?  Does recruiting volunteers feel like a revolving door of old volunteers out the moment you get new ones in? There's a better way.




Church staff training

DISCOVER, DEVELOP, DEPLOY is a 3 - 6 month church staff training process designed to help walk your ministry teams through building a repeatable leadership development process to onboard newly equipped volunteers and leaders into your ministry teams throughout the entire church who make disciples and advance the gospel.


How do you recruit new volunteers and leaders? Where do you find them?  Are you short-handed in kids, student, or adult ministry volunteers and leaders every week?  We provide an in-depth guide to finding potential volunteers.


We provide a Volunteer or Leader Expectations form that is customizable.  It includes expectations for Character Qualities for leaders to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of gospel service.


Once you have identified potential volunteers or leaders, we will show you several different methods of inviting them in to Explore their potential call to serve in a ministry.


We formulate a Ministry Description that makes sense for your ministry so your volunteers and leaders are focused on their service efforts.  Many burn out or tap out because they do too many things, and no one ever prioritizes what they should focus on doing.  Do a few things well instead of many poorly.


With your input, we design a three to five-session volunteer or leader training process to take potential new people through to build their confidence to serve in a ministry


One of the most important parts of enlisting a potential new volunteer or leader is properly placing them into the right ministry area.  The handoff into serving without overwhelming or underwhelming them is monumentally important.

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