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We exist to equip and resource the local church to make disciples through consulting, coaching, cohorts, speaking, and resource development. 


  • Group Leaders are the frontlines of Spiritual Formation in the local church

  • Groups can change the world

  • Groups can Strengthen all Ministries in the local church

  • Discipleship happens in Biblical Community

  • The more Relational the more Transformational

  • One-Size doesn't fit all

  • Groups are the primary vehicle for discipleship to occur



  • 80% of Churches don't have a plan for leadership development

What if most U.S. churches had an affordable plan for leadership development?

What if most U.S. churches were able to have a thriving groups ministry that produced disciples?


What if 90% of U.S. churches could train up 5 new leaders in the next year?

We would see millions receive salvation in Christ and grow as disciples over the next decade through groups and group leaders.












We desire to see...


discovered, developed, and deployed

to shepherd and disciple

into greater Christlikeness.




300,000 group members

20,000 group leaders

Build Leaders.  Build Groups.  Build Disciples.

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