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4 Ways to Brew Your Theology

The aroma of coffee is filling the air. A slow Saturday morning awaits. Your mind awakens, and while you reach for your Bible, you think, “God, I’m grateful for today.”Have you experienced a moment comparable to this? Forming a cognitive thought related to God qualifies you as a theologian! (Theology, by definition, is the study of God.) This concept might be new to you, but you are a theologian. I am, too. The question isn’t ‘Are we theologians?’ but, ‘Are we accurate theologians?’ Even an atheist has formed a view of God.

Let’s explore the idea of being a biblical, empowered theologian with reflective questions.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee from the freshly brewed pot, sit, and let’s think together.

1) Do we know God deeply?

God has revealed Himself to us through His Son (1 John 1:14), Scripture (1 Timothy 3:16-17), and the world (Romans 1:18-20). God desires humanity to flourish in faith. We can experience the fullness of who He is! While Satan lurches for Christians to have lapses of judgment, let’s be theologians who model maturity. The route to having a strong faith is knowing the object/person (God) of where your faith is being placed. Where is your faith being placed?

2) Are we a companion of Scripture?

Gliding on the surface of text is comfortable. However, this practice will not produce a healthy spiritual life. The Bible is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). The ability to consume, digest, and

utilize the nutrients of Scripture is a labor of love. Within our culture, there is an urgency to

understand truth.

God’s Word is our heartbeat to navigate this world.

Combing through the text carefully is crucial. Do you find enjoyment in gleaning from God’s Word?

3) Do we pray?

Our redeemer and friend, Jesus, has opened the line of communication between God the

Father and humanity! Relish in this for a second. The curtain that once represented a division

between God and us - was torn when Jesus bore our sins on the cross (Luke 23:45). You can

enter the throne room of God anytime, anywhere! Praying equips us to combat the daily

struggles that entangle us. We are not alone.

Do you rest in relationship with God?

4) Are we connected to a community?

There are no rouge theologians! Theology is to be done within the setting of fellowship. We can grow our understanding of God by discussing biblical concepts and ideas. “Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17). Through connecting with other Christians, bearing one another's burdens, and living in a state of service toward other believers, we will become more like Christ. A life of sanctification is the hope of being a good theologian – to know God and serve Him well. Are you gathering with the saints Let’s worthily represent God. We must throw compromise out the widow and examine our

interpretation and life application of who God is. The world’s view of God is distorted, and

those souls desperately need God’s theologians to be dependable. “Lord, revive our hearts to never stagnate in our walk with You. May we enjoy in the depth of who You are. Amen.”



Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose was raised and continues to reside in Paris, TX. She met her husband, Colby, in high school. They have three children together. Sophie (4), Samuel (2), and Scout (1). When she isn't spending time with her family, you can find her drinking vanilla lattes and reading theology books (mostly by choice - but sometimes forced by assignments and due dates). She is a Dallas Theological Seminary student majoring in biblical and theological studies. In 2022, she authored a children's book, "What is the Bible?" It's her heart to help children and women understand God's love deeper by understanding His Word.


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