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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Do you attend a church? Maybe off and on. You hit spurts of great streaks of consistency, but other times, you're absent for weeks or months. No one judges you for it, but you might yourself. You want to be better and more disciplined and haven't broken the cycle yet. Don't worry. Many Christians face the same challenges and unfulfilled desires. Joining a local church can help break your cycle. Here are eight compelling reasons why you should join a local church in membership and covenant yourself to God's people.

A convincing argument for why membership in the local church matters. If Christians want to grow spiritually, they need to belong to a local church before they can become all they are meant to be in Christ.

Reason #1 - What is it? (Answer's below)

Church membership is not about belonging to an exclusive club to acquire benefits.

Card-carrying church members is not biblical membership seen in the New Testament. What is church membership? Simply, church membership is voluntarily submitting your life to the leadership of a local church. In other words,

Membership is waving your hand to say, “Pastor(s), please shepherd my soul and nurture me to spiritual maturity.”

Formally, church membership communicates your desire to be shepherded and spiritually cared for. Informally, church membership covenants you to a local body for better or worse – gospel. Through church membership, you demonstrate the gospel.

Despite conflict that will arise, your membership presents unconditional commitment and love towards spiritual family.

What is membership? The gospel towards one another. An unwavering commitment to one another will require love, grace, acceptance, sacrifice, care, forgiveness, and more. Join and live the gospel.

Reason #1 Why Membership Matters:

You are the Gospel Towards One Another

Keep your eyes open for Reason #2 coming soon!



Adam Erlichman

Consultant and Author at Build Groups in Dallas, TX. Adam has served as a Discipleship, Groups, Young Adult, and Youth Pastor at several churches. Author of the 2-time best-selling series "How We Grow." Now exclusively available for purchase on Amazon. See more about Adam's consulting services on the following topics:


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