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The Necessity of Corporate Worship

What is corporate worship? Is it the same as Sunday service? Are there any benefits for me to attend Sunday service or join in corporate worship? Or, can I get the same benefits from watching online church? What's the purpose of it? How long do/should they go? What is required of me? Let's answer some questions . . .

Here we go . . .

What is Corporate Worship?

Gathering for corporate worship is not about butts in seats or dollar bills in the bank. A biblical local church doesn't gather for these motives. Corporate worship gatherings paint the pristine presence of God's work among his people. If the Christian is a tree, the gathering of many Christians is the forest. The forest of corporate worship adorns the mystical mountaintop of God's work among his people. An awe comes upon every soul at the sight of God's mighty work in the midst of his people. The Greek word for "church" is "Ekklesia," which translates to "the gathering." Corporate worship is the "ekklesia" or gathering of God's people to worship Him. Preaching, prayer, singing, offerings, and ordinances (baptism and the Lord's supper) are all biblical practices of the corporate worship gathering. The church, "ekklesia" - God's people, are a gathered people.



Adam Erlichman

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