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Why Join a Group

What is a small group? Why do they matter? Should I join one? Why would I join one? There are plenty of other ways for me to be around people. What reason would I have to join a group? How would it help me, and does it really make a difference? Joining a group can change more for you than you've ever imagined. How so? Let's chat...

Small Group...What is it?

What is a small group?  Who joins them, and why do they even matter? 


A small group is a miniature gathering of people who belong to a local church.  They come together for several purposes:  fellowship, the study of God’s word, prayer, and sometimes singing.  Purposefully, a small group strives to build biblical community so that spiritual growth results. The end goal is that people become more like Jesus Christ and advance the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

Divine Design: You Were Made for This

God created humanity.  First came Adam.  Then, he made the animals.  God bestowed Adam with the privilege of naming all the animals.  However, Adam found no one like him.  He felt alone.  God empathized, saying, “It is not good for man to be alone.” 


From the formation of humanity, God designed you with a need for relationship with others.  In your hardwiring, you crave community with others like you.  You can’t do without friendships.  They’re as necessary as air is to the lungs.  Relationships breathe life into your soul.  Go without community long enough, and your breathing will constrict.  A breath of air grants you life. Community opens your soul’s passageways.  Why join a group?  Simply because you were made for this.  You need this.  Jump to the next chapter so we can dig deeper into why you should join a group.

God's People: Better Together

According to research, Christians who spend time with Christians experience improved health physically, mentally, intellectually, and emotionally.  Gathering together tends to extend their life longer.   Lifeway research in Transformational Groups by Ed Stetzer finds that regular fellowship in a small group increases your consistency with bible reading, prayer, service, and sharing your faith.


“When the whole body works together properly, it makes the body grow in love…into the full stature and maturity of Christ.”

-       Ephesians 4:13-16


God’s Word teaches that biblical community is indispensable for your spiritual growth.  Christians are better together! When people pursue progress, better together is true in nearly every aspect of life.  You are better in a small group!  Join one!

More reasons to join a group are coming soon in our new church resource: Why Join a Group?



Adam Erlichman

Senior Consultant and Author at Build Groups in Dallas, TX. Adam has served in Executive, Discipleship, Groups, Young Adult, and Youth ministries. 5-time best-selling author of Christian leadership and discipleship resources. Adam helps churches build more meaningful ministry by solving the volunteer crisis and creating custom processes to discover, develop, and deploy new volunteers and leaders to do the work of ministry. Learn more below:


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