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Breakout Speaker Introductions


At the 2021 Group Leader Conference, we have an amazing lineup of Breakout Speakers. Literally, I was just speaking with my friend Matt Moore, the Director of Community and Connections at Providence Church in Frisco, TX, about what a gifted crew of breakout speakers we have scheduled. Truthfully, when I was a lay group leader and teacher, I would have died to have this many quality breakout speakers readily available at a conference. It is truly a gift to see how the Lord is bringing all of this together and the special part about it all is centered around YOU - the people, the leaders, the servants, the Christ followers. I am beyond pumped for this!

Over the next month, we are introducing one Breakout Speaker at a time so you all can see and know how incredibly blessed we are to have such top notch breakout speakers sharing with us at the Group Leader Conference! They are a diversely skilled, passionate, experienced, and encouraging group of leaders to be around. I can not wait for you to hear from them!

Starting tomorrow, we will begin introducing each Breakout Speaker one day at a time leading up to the Group Leader Conference.

If you haven't signed up yet, do so now! We have limited spots available. Take advantage of it now and buy your tickets at




Enjoy Grace,

Adam Erlichman

Life Groups/Discipleship Pastor

Midway Church

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